Before the creation of advanced technology such as the internet and cell phones people we forced to interact face to face when wanting to communicate with one another. Before the use of cellphones and the internet became more popular people were more willing to communicate in a personal setting, and were no afraid to talk to someone face to face unlike the people of today. In today’s society we have become so accustom to the use of technology we have learned to go without face to face contact. We have learned to use other means of communication when wanting to communicate with the people around us. Many of us have allowed technology to become our security blanket when having to communicate with others.  In today’s world many of us have become afraid to talk to people and communicate with others in a real world situation. For many of us we no longer hold the skills to hold a conversation with another person, and are usually stuck with fear and awkwardness when talking to other people. The use of the internet has made our society full of socially awkward robots that are more comfortable talking through a square box rather than talking to a real living person.  This following article portrays some of the causes of the change of communication in our society.


Benefits of the Internet

Do you remember life without the internet? Yes, it may surprise some readers, but there was life before the internet.  For most readers the internet has been around for almost there entire life. With the creation of the internet came many benefits that have helped society, and in many ways has made society into what it is today.  With every creation there are advantages and disadvantages. Today I would like to talk about some of the benefits and advantages the internet has given to society. One benefit that the internet has brought is the increase on convenience. With just a click of a button we have the ability to pay bills, buy products, order medicine and other niceties, watch movies, and also even read electronic books and magazines. Another benefit the internet has brought is the ability to connect with others all over the world no matter where they are located. With the internet we are allowed to connect with companies and even friends that were once out of reach. Another benefit that internet has given society is the ability to communicate more easily and faster. With the creation of email and websites such as skype and yahoo messager we are allowed to communicate with others faster than ever before and are able to communicate with just a click of a button. These are just a few of the benefits the internet has brought to society. This website below further explains these benefits.


social media

Do you remember life without social media? Do you remember when you would actually pick up a phone to talk to a friend instead of messaging them on the internet? In today’s world we have become so accustom to social media we often forget how often use it and how it effects or modifies our lives. Social media has made many changes to society for both the good and the bad over the life of its existence. One thing that social media allows us to do is share our lives with people on the internet. This ability to share our lives can be for the good and bad. Social media allows us to keep in touch with old friends and also allows us to make new friends. Although social media allows us to reunite with lost friends it can also allow complete strangers to contact us and ultimately steal our own information and pass it as their own. Another thing that social media allows us to do is to remember the past. Remembering the past can be good if you are remembering it with friends from back in the day, but the past can also hurt you. Social media can unbury the past and bring those secrets to the public. Social media has changed society for the good and the bad, and the examples I have shared are just a few of the ways social media has changed our lives. This website explains 10 ways Facebook has changed society.

work place

With so much technology at our figure tips we often forget how these technologies affect us in our personal lives. One aspect of our lives we don’t think about being effected when using technology is the workplace. When we are at work we often forget the dangers of social media and how social media can damage our reputation at work and could ultimately change our job status. When posting things on social media websites such as face book and twitter we often forget that the things we post can be seen by not only our friends but also complete strangers. The things we post online may seem fine to us, but may also offend others. When we post things on these sites we must remind ourselves that the things we post may be used against later down the road. Just imagine if a future employer looked at your Facebook account and found something that was offensive and went against the principles of the company. Something that is found offensive on your page may keep you from getting a job or may even cause you to lose your job, because you are not representing the company in a professional manner. This website describes some other ways social media affects the workplace.



When one thinks of crime one often thinks of crimes such as stealing, murder, fraud, and maybe even smaller crimes such as speeding. One often forgets the dangers of the online world and the amount of crime that takes place on the internet. Every time one logs on to the internet and checks there email or logs onto a website they are at risk of being a victim of internet crime and risk having their personal information fall into the wrong hands and used for the wrong reasons. Internet crime takes many forms but two forms I would like to focus on is the use of fake emails and fake websites. If you have an email account then most likely you have received a fake email at some point. These emails look real and often are hard to spot. A few ways to spot fake emails is to check for any misspelling, make sure you are not the sender and the receiver, and make sure any links match the name of the company that sent the email. One way to make sure you are not using a fake site is to make sure the URL starts with https://. This prefix means the site you are using is a secured site. This link will allow you to gain a better understanding of internet crime, and how to protect yourself from such crime.

intellectual property part 2

Could you imagine living in a world where you had no power over your own ideas, and anyone could portray your ideas as their own? Could you imagine living in a world where people were afraid to use their creativity because they may not receive the credit they deserve? Well lucky we do not live in that world, because of a great idea called intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to the creation of the mind through the use of ideas and creativity. There are four forms of protection for intellectual property. These forms of protection are copyrights, trademarks, patens, and trade secrets. Trademarks are signs or symbols that represent a company or corporation and allow customers to recognize that company. A paten is a federal document that acknowledges the creation of an invention. A copyright is the right that is given to someone for the creation of art and literary materials, and restricts others from using the creator’s ideas and materials. Secret law trade varies between state to state and has a different definition for all states. Intellectual property laws allow people to express their ideas and beliefs through artwork and inventions without the fear of others stealing their ideas and materials. For more information on this subject visit this website.


With the advances in technology people have found new and exciting ways to reuse old material such as songs, videos, and even art and make it into new forms of work. Some critics believe that using others work is wrong and should be considered copyright. Others believe that using others work in a new way and portraying it in a new and creative way is not copyright at all, and should actually be thought of as original material because they are portraying their own ideas and belief in a new format. In all reality there is nothing that is 100% original, because no matter what we are doing or who we are we gather our ideas from the world around us and use our experiences and beliefs to express these ideas. In many cases we gain inspiration for an idea by the things we read and watch on TV. Just because we use the inspiration we find from other sources does not mean that we are stealing the ideas of others, because although we may use someone’s idea as an outline for our own it is not copyright. This link will allow you to gain a better understand of the remix culture, and show you that this culture is actually a new form of art!